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Viva Frida Kahlo

Role: Co-Promoter

Viva Frida Kahlo is the first immersive staging of the world-famous works of the legendary Mexican artist and icon Frida Kahlo. A truly sensual experience, an explosion of color and pure vitality!

The 360-degree experience takes visitors to Mexico's Casa Azulin Coyoacán, where the young Frida Kahlo, confined to her bed after a serious accident, begins to paint.

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Monets Garden

Role: Co-Promoter

... "A magical intoxication of the senses" is how the Berlin press describes the immersive exhibition MONETS GARDEN ...

Roadmap Entertainment is very proud to bring this wonderful immersive experience to Vienna from 20.10.2022!

... fancy a stroll through MONET'S GARDEN? Embark on his world-famous French garden landscape and immerse yourself in the lively and organic water lily paintings in the immersive exhibition!

New Dialogue Foundation

Rolle: Advisor Cultural Affairs

The New Dialogue Foundation follows the approach: "We connect people with different opinions for meaningful discussions" and accompanies such discussion formats, which have already been implemented at the European Forum Alpbach, Caritas or at „Österreich spricht“ and "Deutschland spricht" in other contexts.

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Cultural Places

Role: Ambassador - bridge builder to cultural institutions, artists and content creators

Cultural Places is the all-in-one platform for culture and tourism. With intelligent, modern technology and a flair for community-based platforms, we accompany cultural tourism into the 21st century and enable our partners to access new target groups of the digital era.

You can find our other projects here.

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